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Elevator Pitch – THIS ONE’S FOR THE LADIES is about male strippers and the women who love them… mostly the women who love them.

Extended Pitch – The LADIES is a movie for and about black, brown and allied women – and the people who love them. Yes it’s hilarious. Yes it’s sexy. Yes it’s a little raunchy. But somewhere along the way the movie pivots into a conversation about race, class, family, sisterhood and community.

Here’s what people are saying about the LADIES:

Saw this beautiful documentary about black male strippers in Jersey and their super fans and haven’t stopped thinking about it. Gene Graham talks more eloquently about poverty, race, police than most works I’ve seen specifically about those things…

CARVELL WALLACE / NYT Magazine, Slate, GQ, ESPN, the Guardian

There are so many ways these stories could have been mishandled or misrepresented, and yet the cast is treated with dignity and humor. It’s funny. It’s hot. And many of the interviews are so compassionate and complex, they could easily be iconic if the documentary gets a large enough audience. It feels like the Paris Is Burning of underground male strippers…

CHASE BURNS / The Stranger

Gene Graham’s THIS ONE’S FOR THE LADIES dives raffishly into the world of the mostly-male stripper of color who work hard and well to entertain the women taking a break from their own hard work in a racist world. It’s both exuberant and thought-provoking, and I felt privileged to have been invited in.

PATRICIA AUFDERHEIDE / Documentary Magazine

And what’s rock ‘n’ roll without a little sex? THIS ONE’S FOR THE LADIES provides that tenfold. The story of a New Jersey band of African-American male strippers and their fans is outrageously funny and raunch, but switches gears just at the right point to explore the humanity of its subjects, touching on subjects of race, homelessness and community


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